Denver Sports Recovery Center

Denver Sports Recovery is a drop-in recovery center that gives professionals and everyday athletes access to state-of-the-art recovery tools, specialized service providers and space to treat your body to the best recovery options in Colorado.

Denver Sports Recovery gives you the opportunity to walk in and get high-quality care and recovery services that were once only available to professional athletes.

Get the treatment that you need in the time frame that works for you with our walk-in hours, memberships and availability by appointment with a provider.

It’s time to make recovery a part of your training cycle:


Perform with precision and intensity.


Recover with a plan that is individually designed for you.


Rebuild your body by taking the time to rest and restore your muscles.

Treat your body well.

Your First Time is Free!

*in state residents only*

The best way to see the benefits of the facilities at Denver Sports Recovery is to come experience it for yourself!

What We’re Talking About

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If this isn't the funniest thing we've seen today by @dylan_alito
Thanks @denver_sports_recovery for keeping me feeling like an international man of mystery! #cryo chamber will make you feel shagadelic! #cryotherapy #austinpowers #mojo #frozen #coldasice
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These amazing @radrollerteam tools are perfect for rolling out the triceps and even better for the back! They have different sizes available for your preference. Find them at the DSR retail center!

#DenverSportsRecovery #PerformRecoverRebuild #RadRoller
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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy!

We recently adjusted our laser rates to the following.

Members: $45
Non-Member: $60
10 Pack: $450

By far, one of the most powerful and versatile devices on the market. Great for new and old injuries, pre/post surgery, and general tightness and pain.

#DenverSportsRecovery #PerformRecoverRebuild
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