All active people need support in the form of proper nutrition, hydration and rest in order to keep performing and responding at peak levels.  Our nutritionist provides a comprehensive assessment to determine your health and wellness goals. She then customizes a program tailored to you. Specifically, she can help you boost athletic performance, lose fat, address hormonal imbalances, minimize food sensitivities and digestive challenges, improve sleep patterns and minimize stress. Our nutritionist and functional medicine coach will guide you on your journey to absolute health and wellness.

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90 minute Jump Start Nutrition $199

Elite Nutrition 4 month Program $2200
Holistic Nutrition and Functional Medicine Coaching which includes:

  • Initial 90 min Jump start to learn about you, your history, goals, etc.
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one virtual 45 min sessions starting week 3
  • Customized meal guide, shopping list, recipes and supplement recommendations
  • Goal setting for lifestyle and behavior change
  • Full access to Julia! 24/7 text support – on demand with replies right away!
  • Access to my private Facebook online community

Complimentary 30 min Discovery Session
**Book an appointment to find out if this is the right fit for you