Sports nutrition is the practice of nutrition and diet as it relates to athletic performance. It assists exercisers and athletes in improving their nutritional intake and therefore their overall health, performance, muscle growth and recovery. All active people need support in the form of proper nutrition, hydration and rest in order to keep performing and responding at peak levels. Our nutrition consultant will give you the tools you need to properly replenish your system, repair muscle tissue and reduce inflammation to speed up recovery. Additionally, our nutrition consultant can assist you with overcoming digestive challenges, eliminating cravings, healing hormonal imbalances, reducing stress and anxiety, eating for energy, promoting healthy sleep, and detoxifying safely and effectively. Through working with our nutrition consultant, you will receive customized meal plans for performance and/or general health, as well as health-supportive, plant-based recipes to fuel your active lifestyle.


Single visit  $150
Member Package of 4  $400
Member Package of 8  $800
Non Member 4 pack  $560
Non Member 8 pack  $1000