So you recently ate shit working on your triple cork, that you ABSOLUTLEY did not land, and now you’re not feeling aces. But here’s the thing, the mountains are getting hammered with snow all week, and you want to get up there! Bummer for you right? Not exactly.I know a place in the LoHi area that can help you recover from your little full send fail. Denver Sports Recoveryhas tons of therapeutic modalities, all of which are here to help you recover the right way and get you back on the hill.  I was invited to partake in all the goodies and services offered in this building that no doubt, will help one recover from such an epic fall. Some highlights of the visit included getting to try all that a few of the different zones in DSR had to offer, including: Neura Performance, Onus iV Hydration and the fully stocked recovery center.Because I was so excited, I was a little early. The staff was finishing up lunch and I eagerly awaited my turn to try out all of the contraptions I was seeing.  First up, Neura Performance.  I was asked to strap into this “Spies Like Us” contraption pod looking thing that flips you around and upside down called the Gyrostim.  The point of this thing is to improve your reaction time, which is fantastic for those who have had concussions due to over confident attempts on tricks. It takes you into a dynamic brain training ground that presents repetitious cognitive and physical challenges that will help improve your brains reaction and processing times.  The GryoStimwas designed to provide powerful vestibular therapy for those seeking to recover from concussion, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions.  Plus it’s fun and there are lasers! LASERS! Think laser tag targets in a space pod. As my reaction time got quicker while I was being spun around I realized that my air awareness could be improved by spending some time usingthis machine. Now I see why some local snowboarders including Dylan Alito swear by this place.

R: Dylan Alito | P: Aaron Dodds

As we continue our journey through Neura Performance, we are introduced to a large light board resembling a Centipede Atari game from the 80’s.  I’m intrigued.  I volunteered to try the light board or the technical and way cooler name, The Dynavision D2 Training System. Yep. Also excellent for brain injuries, the Dynavision D2 is a cutting edge, FDA-cleared, high performance evaluation and training device that records patients responses to visual, gross motor, and neurocognitive tasks.  Basically you hit these light switches with your hand as various tasks are thrown at you. Neura Performance also offers other services such as Neuro Feedback and Baseline Testing.  All in the name to heal that little noggin of yours.Next stop, Onus iV Hydration. Unless you’re living under a rock, or perhaps in an ice cave somewhere, you’ve heard ofIV Treatments, the latest and greatest in the world of Hydration Therapy.  I filled out a medical questionnaire and after my fancy IV bag concoction was made, a registered nurse hooked me up to the John Myers Cocktail.  The JMC is full of B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium to supercharge my system and make me feel like a super hero again. It was awesome.  As my body was sucking up all the vitamin goodness, I sat and watched snowboard videos, sipped tea and chatted with my buddy about really bad, but really good, pop music. Not too shabby and much more pleasant than going to the hospital. This cocktail isn’t the only one they offer.  For those who like to (in the wise words of Andrew W.K.) party hard, there are a couple IV options to cure that nasty hangover.  We’ve all been there.  Waking up to bags of dried up Taco Bell and Pizza on the floor, which then triggers serious contemplation about the decisions you made from the night before.  Behold the Pheonix!  This IV will help you rise from the ashes of your bad choices with an infusion of B-Vitamins to replenish energy, Toradol for the headaches and Zofran for the nausea.  I wish I knew about this in my 20’s.  The good folks at Onus iV Hydration will hook you up with whatever your body may need to get over those sluggish feels, altitude sickness and the bad hangovers we all absolutely despise.Lets move on.  We are now entering the world of Denver Sports Recovery’s “Recovery Center”. This place has it all!  DSR has a drop-in recovery center that gives professional AND us everyday athletes access to state-of-the-art recovery tools, specialized service providers and space to treat your body after that video footage trick went terribly wrong. First we tried the compression system.  My friend was set up in a leather chair with a footrest and compression “chaps” that covered both her legs completely. I was outfitted with a torso compression garment that resembled the Pillsbury doughboy on a PT table.  New fashion trend? Not likely. Funny looks a side, we sat back and enjoyed all that compression therapy (massage) had to offer.  The CT speeds up recovery and provides relief for sore muscles.  It’s similar to getting bear hugs over and over on different areas on your body.  Consistently. For about 20-40 minutes. DSR also gets a little sci-fi offering services that include a Hyperbaric Chamber, CyroTherapy, and infrared saunas, which you can use, anytime, with your membership.  And check this, DSR has certified personal trainers, acupuncturist, and chiropractors on hand for those who need a little more work done to expedite the recovery process and get you back on the mountain sooner.If we had more time, I would’ve played with everything this place had to offer, but security would’ve had to remove me at closing time. But now I’ve got a membership, so game on.  Anyway, back to full send fails and the consequences of our actions.  Let the bad ass professionals at Denver Sports Recovery lead the way to a speedy recovery and get you back to the top. The sooner the better, as you need to continue getting that footy for your sponsorship video before the season ends. So get at it, and recover, and then get at it again.