What IS CRYO? What does CRYO do?

Less than 3 minutes. -256 F. You’re not freezing but your brain thinks you are.

By exposing our body’s outer layer to extreme cold a reaction in brain is triggered, causing a natural anti-inflammatory response and then a release of natural pain relievers. The results are a flushing of metabolic waste and a burst of energy.

Athlete Recovery

  • From elite and professional athletes to the every day weekend warriors full-body cryotherapy brings relief to muscle aches and soreness associated with ongoing athletic activity.

Pain managment and Inflammation

  • Ongoing use of cryotherapy promotes an anti-infammatory response, reduces muscle soreness, decreases pain from sore joints and increases circulation.

Rebuild your body

  • During each treatment the body releases endorphins – hormones that inhibit the perception of painful stimuli. These phenomenal effects last anywhere from six to eight hours after a session and increase with the number of sessions.

General Health and Wellness

  • Cryotherapy treatment can boost your immune system, boost your metabolism, burn fat, reduce pain, enhance mental game, increase sense of wellbeing, improve sleep, improve focus, reduce stress, recover faster.

Get Relief From

  • Chronic Pain • Arthritis • Muscle Soreness• Fatigue • Fibromyalgia • Joint Problems
    Stress • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Post Injury • Depression • Insomnia • Psoriasis • Nerve Pain

Whole Body Cryotherapy

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