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NeuraPerformance brings together four core technologies under one roof as a means to deliver custom brain-based programs to promote brain health and enhance brain performance. Our approach addresses one simple fact: the body can only perform as well as the brain will allow. Whether someone is severely dysfunctional, extraordinarily accomplished, or somewhere in between—all human performance is driven by the brain.

Our four core technologies are: GyroStim, Neurofeedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and Dynavision. These allow NeuraPerformance to offer an exciting array of vestibular conditioning and brain training options.


Onus IVOnus is an IV Hydration & Recovery service based in Denver, Colorado (located inside of DSR).

Our licensed team of nurses, physicians & paramedics provide concierge drip iV services throughout the Colorado front range, or you’re welcome to stop by if it’s more convenient. If you’re an athlete in training, feeling dehydrated/hungover, suffering from altitude sickness or in need of a quick immunity boost, we’re ready to help you get your day back. Live your best days.

That’s our promise.



Invincible Athlete

Every athlete wants to feel invincible. To feel like they can accomplish anything. To become invincible, every athlete must know how to prepare their body in a way that allows them to move properly. They must use this movement to help them perform efficiently, in whatever fitness/sport they choose. They also must learn how to recover from workouts to reduce injury risk and allow their body to be ready for the next challenge they put it through. This is where I (Dr. Missy Albrecht DPT) can help.


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Our Recovery Specialists can do much more than hook you up to e-stim. Our hard working staff will go the extra mile to insure you have a positive experience here. Thanks for showing @justinecolgan something new Diego!
"My back has not been in good shape lately, even having trouble walking sometimes 😫 @mr.diegos taught me some new tricks to help release areas that are pretty janky 💃🏼 these two were for hips, psoas and TFL 👊🏼" @denver_sports_recovery

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